Tag Rugby Equipment

With the growth of Rugby and Touch at the grassroots level comes the demand for more people to want to learn to play. Tag Rugby is a great introduction to any code of the egg shaped ball game.

Tag Rugby is popular in schools across the UK. With affordable equipment, easy rules, little coaching demand and the ability to allow both genders to play, it’s particularly popular in primary schools.

Tag Rugby equipment is well sought after in the UK and RAM is one of the leading suppliers.

With RAM recognising the rise of Tag Rugby, it offers two main products:

Tag Rugby Belts (£30)

  • Set of 10 Belts
  • 20 tags (2 sets of 10)
  • 2 Sizes
  • One Tag Belts Bag

tag rugby belts straps bag.jpg

Tag Rugby Package  (£60)

  • RAM Rugby set carry bag
  • 20 tag belts
  • 20 red tags, 20 white tags
  • 1 gripper training ball (multiple size options)
  • Dual action pump
  • Whistle
  • 30 cones (red & white)

tag rugby set.jpg


Both products are fit to serve a whole Tag team / PE class for years, with perhaps only a replacement ball after two or three depending on use as a necessity. The choice really depends on how much use you will get out of it and if you need the additional cones, ball, pump, whistle, carry bag extras.

Either way, Tag Rugby can also be used for warm up games for Touch or Rugby teams or can be used for other primary school-type games.

PURCHASE LINKS: (click blue hyperlink)

Tag Rugby Package (£60)

Tag Rugby Belts (£30)

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