Sunday, September 15, 2019

Want to write about rugby, get thousands of reads? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Big Hit Rugby’s content is a combination of articles from industry leaders and passionate fans.

Are you articulate? Check.

Are you passionate? Check.

Are you opinionated? Double check.

Why Big Hit Rugby?

1.  Our Platform: We offer a sophisticated platform, a larger audience and a greater social media reach than individual bloggers or smaller sites can achieve on their own.  We provide highly attractive homes for you writing on both web and mobile.

2. Our Editors:  Big Hit Rugby has an excellent editing team that will work with you to make sure your writing improves with every single article.

What type of content are we looking for?

For your sample article, please provide either of the following content formats:

1. Video/Viral Content: 150-300 words.

This is the type of short, snappy content that has the potential to go viral.

2. Opinion & Analysis Pieces: 500-900 words.

This is the type of content that makes us sports hipsters tick. This is longer form, insightful, passionate and meaningful feature content.

Expectations For Writers

1.  All Big Hit Rugby Contributors are volunteers and always will be. That’s just who we are.

2.  Writers are required to contribute at least two articles or more every month. Monthly audits ensure that quality and contribution standards are upheld.

3.  Big Hit Rugby writers all of have defined “areas of interest” (ie. Player analysis, club or League).  As a Writer for Big Hit Rugby, you have the ability to write on any topic you like, but we ask that the majority of your work remain in your chosen area.  This helps prevent duplication and cross-over.

4. Give followers your opinion, We DO NOT ACCEPT match reports or generic news pieces

If this sounds like you, then get started on your first article and send it into our team of editors via the BIG RED button directly below.

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Big Hit Rugby is your news & entertainment site for all things rugby related. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight to your phone or computer.




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