Tony Rowe has lashed out against the Top 14.

Exeter Chiefs owner, Tony Rowe, has criticised the Top 14 for relying too much on foreign imports and not bringing through enough young players.

Although his criticism may seem obvious to many of us, Rowe gave his blunt assessment of the league to French rugby publication, Midi Olympique.

In an interview with the newspaper, Rowe said,

We have focused our efforts on our training centers, and they work! We encourage young players and good performance by integrating into the first team… Top 14, the clubs have more confidence in their recruiters than young players.

Rowe added that the Top 14 was not a model worth copying, pointing out that the French Federation has no influence over the league or it’s clubs, stating that such a scenario is akin to ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ at international level.

Rowe then went further, arguing that instead of using their additional TV revenue to attract southern hemisphere talent, Exeter would instead use it to retain the likes of Henry Slade and invest it in infrastructure to develop young talent.

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