By Zion Afele – Holy Mack Athletics

19 year old rising rugby @nicodocolas of St Mary’s university California, developing sport specific skills to enhance his sport performance.

The scrum half (No.9) – is the key player to the team. He is at the center of all that happens. He is the link between forwards and Backs, the coordinator who dictates when the ball goes out and informs what’s next. No.9 is the key in deciding the calls at one outs and scrum, an accurate passer of the ball, a good tackler, quick off the mark, an evasive runner, a motivator, a decision maker and a reader of the game and a tactician.

Scrum half requirements: Good judgement, fast reactions, pass well/accurately both sides, kick both feet, hush work rate, great communication skills, good defender, able to read the game. Work hard at understanding the game and develop tactical knowledge, high level of fitness, very vocal.


Zigzag ball drill: purpose – improve change of direction and body position, simulates rugby specific following break downs, transition between skills and cutting. Hand eye coordination, accurate passing skills, foot work and conditioning.


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