The 40-year-old died on November 18 after years of kidney trouble. He’s survived by his wife Nadene and two boys Dhyreille, 6, and Brayley, 5.

NZ Rugby Players Association boss Rob Nichol revealed today that Lomu was essentially broke when he died.

Lomu’s estate has to go through a probate period but the beneficiaries aren’t expected to receive much.

“The family aren’t going to be able to rely on any financial proceeds or ongoing benefit,” Mr Nichol told NZME.

Mr Nichol said Lomu’s earning potential was inhibited by weekly dialysis sessions he needed for his health.

“People may have assumed he’s been able to make earn quite good money over the last 10 or 15 years but his illness has severely hampered his ability to do that,” he said.

Lomu’s generosity to others and his attitude of not wanting to rely on others for help also contributed to his financial problems, Mr Nichol said.

The Jonah Lomu¬†Legacy Trust has been set up to help Lomu’s sons.

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