Rising rugby star shawna Binns, sharpening up her sport specific training to enhance her match performance.

– Sled push to sprint: purpose – improve top end speed, body angle, reaction, enhancing running strength and power and improve stride frequency and length.

Love this drill because it can simulate a ruck that’s building momentum and player with the ball can pick it’s opportunity to break away from the pack and make a run for it or score.

– One step cut: purpose – improve cutting and change of direction capabilities.






The “side step” is such a simple but an effective skill if used correctly. A lot of games have been won from an effective side step. Putting your defender in two minds and leading them one way then quickly stepping back in, with a ‘blink of an eye’ you’ve created a hole to run through and created opportunities to make more yards or score a try.

– Resisted line out: purpose – mimics the line out movement while requiring the athlete to produce large amounts of power at high velocities. (Total body extension, quickness and power), ability to drive force and maintain great balance and control.

The rugby line-out can play a key component and change the momentum of the game. So many games have been won right on the whistle from an effective strong line-out. It is vital for jumpers and lifters to work together and build confidence to master this drill. It’s not always about the lift but mainly about supporting the jumper having control and bringing them down safely to help secure the ball back in your possession.

Train the way you play. Continue to be passionate about the sport of rugby. Educate yourself in all fields of the game and surround yourself amongst strong like minded athletes that will bring out the best in you.

Written by: @soamaonstregthcoach




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