In Super Rugby, the 24-year-old has played the most minutes of any Aussie, Kiwi or South African since 2013 and in 63 games has — on average — spent all bar 45 seconds on the field in each.


The Test star was criticised as being a “non-event” over the ball by Bob Dywer earlier this season. But teammates and even rivals pointed to Hooper’s unrivalled workrate as an emphatic counterargument and again, stats since 2013 spell out Hooper’s incredible value to the Waratahs.

In almost four seasons, he has the most run metres by all forwards of all nations in Super Rugby (3145m), the second most tackles (702) behind Matt Hodgson and the fifth most carries (468).

Hooper’s form during the June Test series for the Wallabies against England was outstanding, and despite painful losses, he was Australia’s player in the second and third Tests.

“He is the type of guy, he doesn’t say too much but when he does, everyone listens.

“He does lead by example and I am definitely looking forward to play a lot more with him over the next few years.”

Hooper keeps a simple routine, doesn’t lift excessive weights and prefers surfing over stretching as a way to recover.

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