There should be little surprise — she is his sister.Niall Williams has been included in the 12-strong group to contest the opening tournament of the world series in Dubai next week, with coach Sean Horan forced to cater for the absence of several injured players from his three-time defending champion squad.

The only new cap is Williams, who has made rapid progress in recent times, Horan said.

“She’s an amazing athlete similar to her brother. She’s worked very hard over the last nine months to really make this happen.

If she and Sonny Bill can both prove themselves in the 2015-16 world series, there is the possibility both siblings could represent New Zealand at next year’s Rio Olympics.

New Zealand’s sevens team: Ruby Tui, Hazel Tubic, Jordon Webber, Sarah Goss (c), Gayle Broughton, Tyla Nathan-Wong, Kelly Brazier, Katarina Whata-Simpkins, Portia Woodman, Niall Williams, Michaela Blyde, Shiray Tane.

Dubai Sevens schedule

Thursday December 3
1:00pm (11am NZT) v Russia
4:00pm (1am Friday NZT) v Brazil
7:00pm (4am Friday NZT) v France
Friday December 4 — finals day

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