Written by Zion Afele – Holy Mack Athletics

To ensure all joints and muscle connective tissue are well activated and ready to perform. All athlete must go through a Prehabilitation injury prevention and C.A.R.E program before every session.

As a strength and conditioning coach I am often asked about the best way to improve physical performance in young athletes. Usually things like increasing strength and employing better nutritional habits immediately come into mind. BUT my personal opinion I feel the smartest way to improve your sports performance is to do the little things correct and to maintain an injury free body.

Telling any young athlete interested in taking his or her game to the next level that the key to success depends largely on their ability to avoid injury can be a tough sell. The truth is, though, improving their movement efficiency, as well as maintaining the health of their muscles and connective tissue is typically what they need to focus on most.

What good does it do to increase strength if there are already movement restrictions in place that do not allow for a full range of motion? By getting kids to appreciate the importance of improving things like mobility and tissue quality, instead of just heaping on more intensive training, we can create better outcomes in terms of both overall health and athletic performance.









The objective – Is to target and break up tension and trigger points while restoring elasticity to the soleus region, compression into the belly of the calf muscle and anterior tibialis help ankle function and prevent shin splints. This will re-establish the natural range of motion of the foot and ankle, reduce the amount of time the foot stays on the ground, and minimize the strain in the quad region. Great for athletes or any one who’s experiencing aches and pains.

Here is my approach about restoring the body: Your foot Is a puppet to the muscles of the lower body, and if we don’t take care of these muscles, the foot will lose functionality, changing the way your entire body moves for potentially the rest of your life. The foot is the foundation for everything step you take, so it is imperative to redefine the way your feet function if you want to redefine the way the body moves. Here is the problem: once you lose foot mobility, the knees are forced to go forward and the butt is forced to go back to counteract the weight distribution of the upper body. Once this occurs, you put a slight bend in the lower back which compromise the neurological feed to the lower extremities. This also forces you to use to lower back as a false fulcrum based on the lack of the mobility in the hips and pelvis. Typically we’ll start seeing a downward spiral of lack of mobility and structural integrity of the upper torso, shoulders and thoracic spine region.


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