Been hitting the pre-season training hard? Want to know where your fitness levels are at at this stage of your season? What ever your reason check out the following tests to figure out your personal fitness levels.


What it targets: Your core strength

How to do it: Hold your body in a straight line from head to heels. Keep your feet together and your elbows beneath your shoulders. Look straight down and brace for as long as you can. Focus on keeping your hips from sagging. When they do the test is over.

Time Level
More than 2min Excellent
75sec–2min Good
45–75sec Average
Less than 45sec Poor

To improve: Perform the plank with your hands, feet or both on an unstable surface such as a gym ball. You won’t be able to hold it for long, but it’ll make doing this test on stable ground easier.

Bodyweight squat

What it targets: Your core, quad and hamstring strength

How to do it: Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and toes turned out slightly. Brace your core and lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are in line with your feet. Push back to the start through your heels. The test is over when you can’t maintain perfect form.

Reps Level
50 or more Excellent
30–49 Good
16–29 Average
15 or fewer Poor

To improve: Perform walking lunges with light dumb-bells to build muscular strength in your glutes and legs.


What it targets: Your chest, shoulder 
and triceps strength

How to do it:  Keep your body in a straight line and your elbows pointing back, not to the sides. Lower until your chest is a fist’s height off the floor, then push back up. The test is over when you can’t maintain perfect form.

Reps Level
50 or more Excellent
25–49 Good
16–24 Average
15 or fewer Poor

To improve: Complete a set to failure, rest for a few minutes and start again. This will overload the targeted muscles, making them grow stronger.

1km run

What it targets: Your cardiovascular system

How to do it: Set the treadmill elevation to one degree. Keep a constant pace.

Time Level
3min or less Excellent
3min–3min 29sec Good
3min 30sec–4min 29sec Average
4min 30sec or more Poor

To improve: Do sets of all-out sprints of between 500m and 800m to improve your ability to maintain a maximum speed for longer.

500m row

What it targets: Your cardiovascular system and muscle co-ordination between the upper and lower body

How to do it: On a Concept2 rowing machine, select level ten resistance. Sit upright with your shoulders back and core braced. Drive with your legs.

Time Level
1min 30 sec or less Excellent
1min 31sec–1min 44sec Good
1min 45sec–1min 59sec Average
2min or more Poor

To improve: Perform sets of max-
effort 250m rows, separated by a 
few minutes of gentle rowing, to improve your endurance.


What it targets: Your upper back strength

How to do it: Grip the bar overhand, extend your arms fully and let your body hang. Pull up until your chin is over the bar, squeezing your lats. Lower again without swinging. The test is over when you can’t maintain perfect form.

Reps Level
12 or more Excellent
8–11 Good
4–7 Average
3 or fewer Poor

To improve: Do a max set, rest for a few minutes and repeat. Try lat pull-downs on a machine to build back strength.

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